A logical photography tip from Thomas Heaton you won’t forget

In his last couple videos, Thomas Heaton gives a simple and logical photography tip. His tip? Take your camera out of the bag.

It seems that photographers are constantly on a journey for the perfect camera bag that allows quick and easy access. But maybe the camera shouldn’t be in there.

What shots are photo worthy?

Thomas Heaton explains that when he’s hiking and doesn’t take the camera out of his bag he takes less photos and often misses shots.

I’ve noticed that when I carry a backpack I take the camera out of my bag less often than when I’m using a camera strap or sling bag. For me, the same goes for tripods. If the tripod is packed away, 9 times out of 10 I won’t reach for it.

I had a photography professor by the name of KD Lawson who has now passed away who would say, “Good photographers don’t take great photos, they take more photos.”

If you have your camera on you at all times you’re more likely to get more photos and also great photos. This goes with the saying, “The best camera is the one you have with you.” Enjoy the rest of Thomas Heaton’s video here.

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