The best lenses for zv-e1 for filmmakers

The best Sony FX30 lenses for filmmakers

The Sony FX30 is one of the best budget-friendly cameras for filmmakers, content creators, and cinematographers, but choosing the best lens can be confusing with all the different options.

The FX30 is a camera for professionals, and a pro-level camera needs pro-level lenses right? Well, it really depends on your budget and what type of content you shoot.

If I only had the money to purchase one lens for the Sony FX30, I would choose the Sony 15mm 1.4 G lens.

In this article, I’m going to share all the best lenses for the Sony FX30.

My number one lens for the Sony FX30

The 15mm 1.4 is the best lens for the Sony FX30 because it’s fast, sharp, affordable, and versatile. You might wonder why I would choose an ultra-wide lens as my top choice, but if you use clear image zoom and crop in post, the 15mm 1.4 becomes 3 lenses in 1. Let me explain.

The 15mm 1.4 has a crop factor of 1.5, so the full frame equivalent is about 22mm (1.8). 22mm is great for getting a wide shot and vlogging, but with clear image zoom, you can zoom in another 1.5x. That 22mm focal length now becomes 34mm (2.8), which is perfect for talking head interviews, and travel shots.

Now if you’re shooting in 4k, you can crop an additional 1.5-2x to get even closer. The same lens now becomes a 50mm (f4) full frame equivalent, and that’s how this 15mm lens becomes 3 lenses in 1.

I also chose the 15mm 1.4 G lens as my top choice, because it’s supported by the FX30’s focus breathing compensation. This is huge for filmmakers, and it only works on Sony lenses. So if you’re a minimalist or you only have the budget for one lens, I’d go with the 15mm 1.4 G lens.


  • Fixed focal length
  • Cost

Best 3rd party Sony lenses for filmmakers

The second best option is the Tamron 11-20mm 2.8. You won’t get the focus breathing compensation, but people have been creating amazing videos for years without focus breathing, and the 11-20mm is just a great lens that will do everything you need for video.

You’ll be able to get those ultra-wide, wide, and close-up shots with this lens when using clear image zoom or cropping in post. The Tamron 11-20 is also cheaper than my top Sony pick and will meet the needs of most filmmakers.


  • Cost
  • No focus breathing compensation

Best Budget lens for the Sony FX30

If I Could Only Have ONE LENS....

If I was on a budget and could only choose one lens, I’d get the Sigma 16mm 1.4. My reasons for choosing this lens are the same reason as my top pick. It’s fast, affordable, sharp, and versatile. If you use clear image zoom and crop in post, this lens becomes 3 lenses in 1.

The Sigma 16mm 1.4 has been raved about for years. It’s perfect for vlogging or any content creation, and it’s under $400!


  • Large
  • No focus breathing compensation

The best second lens

The second best lens I’d recommend for the FX30 is the Sigma 56mm 1.4. For video, you can get most shots between the focal lengths of 10-25mm, but you also need a great lens for close-ups, and the 56mm 1.4 will get the job done. This sigma lens is one of the sharpest and fastest lenses at this focal length, and it’s relatively small and compact.

It doesn’t support focus breathing compensation, but you’re not going to find another lens comparable unless you go with the Sony 50mm 1.2 for full frame, and that will add some weight to your setup.

Whether you’re doing vlogging, interviews, documentaries, or traveling, you won’t find a better lens for portraits and closeups.


  • No focus breathing compensation

The best lens for Full frame shooters

If you’re already shooting on a full-frame camera body and have full-frame lenses, you might wonder what lenses to use on your Sony FX30. If you’re using prime lenses, I would go with the Sony 20mm 1.8 or the Samyang 18mm 2.8.

I prefer the Sony 20mm 1.8 over the Samyang 18mm because the Sony 20mm is much closer to a 19mm focal length and the 1.8 aperture makes this a much better lens.  It’s also sharper than the Samyang 18mm and has less vignette.  

If you need a pro-level lens, go with the Sony 20mm 1.8 but if you’re looking for a budget option, the Samyang isn’t bad. 

Now if you need to vlog on occasion on the FX30, I wouldn’t use either one of these lenses.  The focal length on aps-c becomes close to a 28mm lens, and this really isn’t a great setup for vlogging.  

Instead, I would use the Sony 16-35 f4.  This lens complements smaller cameras like the FX30 and is easy to handhold for vlogging.  The Sony 16-35 2.8 would be even better, but it may be too heavy to hold after time.

Best lens for YouTube or interviews

The best lens for YouTube or a talking headshot is the Viltrox AF 23mm 1.4.  It’s the full frame equivalent of a 35mm 1.8. It’s sharp, has good autofocus, and has great depth of field to separate the person from the background. 

In general, I prefer a 35mm focal length for interviews and YouTube.  It won’t have the distortion of a wide-angle lens, and it’s a great lens to eliminate a distracting background.

At $279, you won’t find a better lens.


There are a lot of great options for the Sony FX30.  Most people will be fine with one of these lenses mentioned today.

If I was exclusively using the FX30 I would have the Sony 15mm 1.4 for my wide shots, the Tamron 11-20mm 2.8 for when I needed more flexibility, and a close-up lens like the sigma 56 1.4. But most people will do just fine with either the Sony 15mm or the Tamron 11-20.

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