Best Macbook M1 Pro and Max Cyber Monday deals ($1799)

I’ve already seen the lowest prices for MacBooks on Black Friday. Don’t expect to see much more of a drop.

So what’s the best price for the new M1 MacBook Pro and Pro Max?

The absolute lowest price for the M1 MacBook Pro 14″ base model is $200 off or $1799. The 16″ base model is $300 off or $1299. That’s pretty significant.

Macbook m1 Pro and Max deals

These prices are changing every couple hours. The best deals to be found are listed below.

  • 16 inch MacBook Pro Max base model $1299-1399 (Reg 1499) B&H photos price here. Also check Adorama
  • 14.2 inch base model for $1799.

M1 MacBook Air

The m1 MacBook Air is the best laptop for both photography and videography. Expect prices to drop to $100-150 off retail.

  • M1 Macbook air $849 See current price here

Also Check B&H’s price here.

Airpods Max Cyber Monday deals

So I wasn’t a fan of the AirPods max because they cost $550, but then I looked on Ebay and found a used pair for $350 I was sold. The best part is that I can replace the headphones, so it’s really not that big of a deal buying a used pair.

Best Apple Deals 2021

If you’re looking to get a Macbook or other accessory get 20% off any apple item with an apple gift card. Right now target has a promotion that gives you a $15 target gift card when purchasing a $100 apple gift card. When you check out with a target red card you get an additional 5%off. Assuming you’ll use the target gift card, you’ll end up saving 20% off any apple product at the apple store!

Best deal on Monitors

If you are a student or parent of a student, you could always buy $4600 in apple gift cards at Target and buy the apple 32″ XDR display for $4599. If you have a red card you’ll get an extra 5% off and the total cost would be $3650. That’s $950 in savings. You could keep it for a year and probably make $1000 selling it on ebay. Just a fun idea.