Best photography holiday deals 2021 (Sony, Canon, Nikon)

Here are all the latest photography deals for Cyber Monday.

Don’t forget to save the tax by signing up for the B&H photo payboo card. You’ll be able to save the tax and score some awesome deals at B&H.

Also, expect to find great deals at eBay as many items will be out of stock. Also, check out B&H Photo’s daily deals for some of the best prices.

Ok, so here are my top deals for cameras and accessories that I would recommend. If you’re interested in looking at least year’s deals and prices check out this page here.

Best Camera deals

Nikon Deals

The Nikon Z5 $999 (click photo above)

This camera is regularly $1400. For anyone new to photography you can’t go wrong with the new Nikon Z5. Also, Nikon just updated its firmware offering better autofocus for this camera.


These are my favorite deals, but check out all the refurbished gear deals here.

  • Canon EOS RP $808 (refurbished)
  • Canon EOS R6 $2249 (refurbished)


Camera Accessories

Best Apple Deals 2021

Macbook deals

These prices are changing every couple days. The best deals to be found are listed below.

  • 16 inch MacBook Pro Max base model $1299-1399 (Reg 1499) B&H photos price here.
  • 14.2 inch base model $1949

M1 MacBook Air

M1 Macbook air $849 See current price here

Also Check B&H’s price here.

The m1 MacBook Air is the best laptop for both photography and videography. Expect prices to be around $100-150 off retail.

Synology NAS

Select a Synology NAS to backup your computer, Lightroom files, or videos. Also get access to their streaming apps, photo sharing apps and more.

Black Friday prices are listed below at B&H photo. Click below to see current pricing.

Best Photography deals in 2021

Apple gift cards at Target and amazon. Buy $100 gift card, get a $15 gift card at Amazon/target.

10-20% off Sony cameras and Lenses

Underwater camera housings 10% off at Seafrogs 

10% off Canon Cameras

10% off freewell filters

Save with Rakuten

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