Best Synology NAS deals for Cyber Monday

If you shopped Black Friday the best deals on a NAS were the DS 220 for $240 and the DS 920+ for $440 at bhphoto, but amazon had some pretty decent deals too.

Some of the best deals seen usually come cyber Monday, so here are a few deals you can’t miss.

After reading this post, be sure to check out my other deals listed here.

I recently wrote a whole article comparing the 220j and 720+ here. If you’re looking for an entry level NAS, I’d go with the 220+, DS720+ or DS920+. The 720+ and 920+ are the same speed, but the 920 has more bays for storage. That means it will write files faster with a RAID configuration.

Synology NAS Deals

Synology NAS deals usually happen around Black Friday or cyber Monday, but if you’re looking to buy one, now is the best time.

Current deals on Amazon

Deals at B&H

NAS Drive deals

Right now Amazon has a lot of great deals of NAS drives. I recommend going with 4-6TB drives for lower sounds unless you need more storage. See current deals below.

Don’t forget to check B&H too. The best deal I’ve was a WD plus 6TB HD for $104.99

Why you should use a Synology NAS

I like Synology over qnap, because of the apps and simplified use.

My personal Synology NAS is used to backup my computer, Lightroom files, or videos. I also use it to get access to their streaming apps, photo sharing apps and more. Here are some other uses below.

  • Backups
  • Time machine
  • Video editing
  • Lightroom files
  • 4k video streaming
  • Plex server
  • Mail server
  • Web Server
  • Virtual Machine
  • Access to server from multiple phone apps
  • Google photos alternative
  • Google drive alternative
  • Cost savings of less storage on a computer
  • Cost savings of less storage on phone

Deals on Macs

If you buy a new NAS you don’t need all the storage on your Mac.

  • M1 Macbook air $849 See current price here.

Also Check B&H’s price here.

The m1 MacBook Air is the best laptop for both photography and videography. Expect prices to drop to $100-150 off retail.