Tamron 50-400mm with Sony a6700

Best Telephoto lenses for the Sony a6700

If you’re considering an ultra-telephoto lens for the a6700 most people are  content with the Sony 70-350mm for aps-c, but what if want more reach?

You have 5 options, but all of them are full frame. This includes the following:

Out of all these, the lenses with the greatest variation in focal length includes the Tamron 50-400, Sony 100-400 with 1.5x extender, and the Sony 200-600 with 1.5x extender, but we should also consider size and weight.

The best lens based on size and weight

If you’re looking for small and light telephoto lens, but don’t want to carry around an extra 5 lbs, I would recommend going with a lens like the Tamron 50-400mm or smaller.

#1 Tamron 50-400mm

The Tamron 50-400mm lens falls within the same category as the Sony 200-600mm lens, yet it weighs approximately half as much, at just 2.91 lbs or 3.1 lbs when paired with the a6700, and measures only 11.9 inches in length.

After 1.5x crop factor on the a6700 the 50-400mm becomes the full frame equivalent of a 75-600mm focal length. It can also be used on full frame bodies and it’s the lightest camera in the 100-400mm range.

If you still need a wider lens, you create a stitched image by taking a group of photos and merging them later in photoshop.

Aperture changes

  • 70mm f5
  • 100mm f5.6
  • 200-400mm f6.3

This lens is my number one choice for its lightweight design and massive focal range. For aps-c it’s the focal length equivalent of a full frame 75-600mm.

40.7 oz / 1.2 kg

#2 Sony 75-350mm

If you don’t need the reach of the Tamron 50-400, or you need something smaller and lighter, I would highly recommend the Sony 75-350 4.5-6.3. The Sony 75-350 weighs 1.37 lbs which is half the weight as the 50-400mm. It’s also half the length at 5.59 inches.

This lens will be much easier to use for travel and can also be used for sports, wildlife, and landscapes. Also also less expensive than the Tamron 50-400mm.

This my favorite lens for its size and weight. It’s fast, sharp, and has the full frame equivalent of a 100-525mm.

1.38 lb / 625 g

#3 Tamron 18-300mm

If you need both wide and telephoto, the Tamron 18-300 3.5-6.3 is a reasonable option. These lenses aren’t easy to build, and you will notice slightly less sharpness and more distortion than the previous two lenses. But having the full frame equivalent focal range of 24-400mm makes this lens pretty incredible.

I think it’s best suited for travel and landscape photographers, or anyone on a budget.

Best lightweight telephoto lenses for Sony APS-C

Should you get a teleconverter

The only Sony lenses that can be used with a teleconverter include the Sony 100-400 GM, 200-600 G, 70-200 2.8 GM, and 70-200 f4 GM ii.

I would not recommend using the 2x teleconverter if you’re looking for the best image quality. The 1.5x extender is slightly sharper.

I would also not recommend a teleconverter with older lenses due to the poor autofocus performance, unless you’re mostly shooting stills. The only lenses with great autofocus with a teleconverter are the newer Sony 70-200 2.8 GM ii and the Sony 70-200 F4 G ii.

Hopefully that clears up any questions.

What are the best general lenses for the a6700

If I could only choose one lens for the a6700, I would highly recommend a fast zoom like the Sigma 18-50mm 2.8.  This lens isn’t just the best budget option, it’s also similar in quality to the more expensive Sony 16-55 2.8 which is much heavier and longer in size.

Check my other post where I discuss this is more detail here.

Why the a6700 is the best camera for most people

Sony a6700 with telephoto lens

Recently I published a video on why I think the a6700 is the best camera to buy right now, and I still think that rings true for most people. It has the same AF performance as more expensive cameras like the A7RV, and I love the size and ergonomics.

There’s also more lenses to choose than any other mirrorless camera manufacturer, and it’s relatively affordable.

My Recommendations

For most people who need a telephoto lens for wildlife, sports, or travel, the Sony 70-350 is a great lens, but if you need the extra reach I would go for the Tamron 50-400.

It’s lightweight, sharp, works with full frame bodies, and it has similar AF performance as any other Sony lens.

And if you need a larger maximum aperture, I would just go with the new Sony 70-200 2.8 GM ii with the optional 1.5x extender.

I hope this information was helpful. Feel free to see what I’m doing on my Youtube channel or subscribe for more photo news.