How good is the stabilization with the Sony ZV-E1

Stablization with the Sony ZV-E1 – How good is it?

The new Sony ZV-E1 is one the best cameras for content creators for two reasons. It has the same 12MP low light sensor as Sony A7siii, and it has incredible image stabilization.

According to Gerald Undone, the stabilization is the best he’s seen in a camera for video and the closest to gimbal-like performance. With active stabilization the camera has great stabilization like the Sony A7iv, A7siii, and A1, but with dynamic stabilization everything improves.

Sony ZV-E1 Review: A Nearly Perfect Vlogging Camera

What’s the crop factor with the dynamic active stabilzation of the Sony ZV-E1

The Sony ZV-E1 has a crop factor of 1.2 with active stabilzation and 30% of dynamic stabilization. That means if you’re using a 20mm, your focal length becomes 24mm with active stabilization and 26mm with dynamic active stabilization.

Walking stabilization with the ZV-E-1

In the video, below you’ll notice that walking with active stabilization is still noticed with the ZV-E1, but it mostly disappears with dynamic stabilization. This gliding motion is simliar to a gimbal, but it’s not perfect. Most content creators don’t need perfect stabilization and that’s another reason why this camera is one of the best cameras for solo filmmakers.

The best lens for the ZV-E1 for vlogging

The best lens for the ZV-1 when vlogging might be the Sony 15mm 1.4, because you can use it with dynamic stabilization. This is the perfect lens because with dynamic stabilization you need a 30% crop. I have yet to try this lens but it makes sense that this focal length would give you the best wide view for vlogging.

Another lens to consider is the Sony 16-35 f4. This is perfect for shooting in full frame an you’ll never need to change focal lengths. At 16mm your lens will become 19mm after a 30% crop making it the perfect vlogging focal length.

One other lens to consider is the 14mm 1.8 for Sony. This will be slightly wider than the previous lens mentioned and the 1.8 aperature will keep the background nice and blurred.

Can it replace a gimbal?

The ZV-E1 is steady with the dynamic stabilization and could easy replace a gimbal for most content creators. However the 30% crop will make using a gimbal ideal for most scenarios. I would say that the ZV-E1 is very similar to the look and feel you get with a gimbal, but a gimbal is still much smoother, does a better job at tilting, panning, and other maneuvers that you just can’t get with a camera. 

That’s why this camera in combination with a gimbal would create the perfect setup for stabilized video. The lightweight body will also it make it much easier to balance lenses making this camera one of the best full frame cameras for video.


If you’re looking for a great lens for vlogging and content creating, I higlhly recommend the ZV-E1. It is one of the best cameras for image stablization and the low light sensor will allow you to take this camera to any low light event such as a wedding, concert, indoor sporting event, or evening event.

The crop factor is somewhat frustrating, but that can be eliminated with an ultrawide lens. The AI features are for the most part gimmicky but the product showcase feature is one way to up your game in creating content for others.

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