The one reason to buy the Sony FX3 over the A7siii

Why I CANCELLED my Sony FX3 Pre-Order - And SAVED $1,000

The Sony FX3 is almost the same camera as the Sony A7siii but costs more and doesn’t do as much.

At only 60 grams lighter than the A7siii, The FX3 gives you the same sensor, touch screen, flip screen, and video capabilities.

What the FX3 lacks compared to the a7siii is an EVF, a top dial, and no time code.

For me, the only reason to buy this camera is for the mounting cage that is built into the camera body. This allows you to easily mount your handle, microphone, monitor and more.

It’s definitely a viable option for someone who doesn’t need the EVF and relies on an external monitor. But it’s frustrating that the FX3 loses so much compared to the A7siii, yet costs more.

I understand Sony included the $600 audio interface, but I think this camera should have been priced $600-800 less than the A7siii.

Sony FX3 with XLR interface handle

There’s a great video explaining why the A7siii is better than the FX3 here.

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