apple vision pro

WWDC 2023 Event recap – The bullet points

Here’s a quick recap of the WWDC 2023 event, the future of apple vision pro and the latest Mac and iOS updates.

Apple Vision Pro

This is Apple’s new AR spatial computer that can be controlled with your eyes, ears, hands, and voice. Here are some features that make this product revolutionary.

  • Blends the real world with the visual world
  • Watch movies with spatial audio
  • Connect with people connecting to the same space
  • Apps viewable in the room with you
  • Multi-mode view for full 3D view or app view
  • Controlled with your eyes, ears, and voice
  • Connects your Mac screen to become immersed in your environment
  • New facetime features
  • Read the web
  • Spatial computing for photos and videos
  • Apple’s first 3D camera with spatial audio
  • Capture spatial video or photo with a press of a button
  • Spatial cinema in 3D with spatial audio
  • Apple arcade games in 3D
  • Partnership with Disney and Disney Plus
  • Starts at $3499

The hardware

  • Uses M2 chip
  • Optic ID uses your iris to unlock Vision Pro
  • Adjustment dial to adapt to any person’s face
  • Magnetic inserts for those who wear glasses
  • 2-hour battery that connects via cable or all-day performance when connected to an outlet
  • 23 million pixels for each eye (more than a 4k TV)
  • Spatial audio using audiopods
  • Scans and Renders an image of yourself to create a digital persona for Facetime

15” MacBook Air 

  • 18 hours of battery life
  • 10x faster than the baseline MacBook Air
  • Starts at $1299

Mac Studio

  • M2 Max (25% faster)
  • Rendering 50% faster

M2 Ultra

  • 20% faster
  • 30% faster GPU 
  • Neuroengine 40% faster
  • 50% more memory
  • 50% faster video performance
  • Media engine can play back 22 streams of 8k proves video
  • Higher bandwidth HDMI (6 pro displays XDRs)

Mac Pro with Apple silicone

  • M2 ultra
  • 192 GB 
  • Afterburner performance built-in (up to 7 cards)
  • 6 open expansion slots
  • 8 Thunderbolt 4 ports
  • 32-core neural engine
  • Starts $6999

iPhone iOS

  • Live voice mail with transcription
  • Facetime messages


  • Transcribed audio messages
  • Better search
  • Inline location
  • Check-in notifications for family
  • Stickers


  • Swap number with name drop
  • Shareplay
  • Full-quality video and photo airplay

The newest airdrop feature helps you transfer files, photos, or contact info all by placing your phones close together.

New Journaling app

  • Add your photos, location, music and more
  • All new app to share your journal entry and moments
  • Add life’s moments and set goals
  • End-to-end encryption

iPhone standby mode

A new nightstand mode when your phone is on its side

  • Full-screen experience for horizontal view
  • Personalized view
  • Siri mode
  • Adapts to low light


  • No more “Hey Siri”
  • Just say “Siri”

iPad OS 17

  • Widgets and lock screen

Widgets are now interactive without opening the app. Control lights, multiple timers, track door dash, or music from home widget

  • Lock screen personalization (like iPhone)
  • Health app and health ki
  • PDF

Autofill for PDFs and the ability to sign your PDF can be done on the notes app with collaboration.

  • Stage manager with more controls
  • Free form new drawing tools

MAC OS Sonoma

MAC OS Sonoma
  • Widgets on the Mac desktop
  • Continuity with widgets on iPhone
  • Gaming with game mode with low latency on Airpods
  • New Mac games
  • Game porting for developers
  • Safari locks and blockss trackers and URL trackers
  • Share passwords securely with family
  • Separate browsing for work and personal accounts with profiles
  • Web Apps on Mac help you easily access your favorite websites


  • Adaptive audio blends transparency to your environment
  • Personalized volume with outside conditions
  • Mute with a press of a button


  • Notifications on iPhone to automatically airplay to homepods
  • Airplay for hotels
  • Share music in the car with Shareplay


  • Locate Siri remote with iPhone
  • Photos as screensaver
  • FaceTime for apple tv with continuity cameras

Watch OS 10

  • Widgets smart stack shows information relevant to the time of the day
  • New watch face Pallet
  • Cycling view for your phone with new workout metrics
  • Hiking 3D view of the waypoints
  • New maps for hiking with trailheads and elevation
  • Sports analysis to improve golf or tennis swing
  • Log your state of mind with the health app
  • New health assessments for mental health
  • Vision health features to reduce myopia by reducing screen distance and encouraging outdoor time