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Sony A7C Pros and Cons for video

If you read my previous post on why the the Sony A7c is the best vlog camera, you would know that the A7c is the perfect vlog camera because it outperforms all other full frame cameras in the same price range.

It’s really the perfect vlog camera because it’s a Sony A7iii with a flip screen and it’s less expensive. In this article, I explain why I’m disappointed with the Sony A7c and if it’s really worth the price.

Why you need a low light vlog camera?

Currently, I shoot with the Sony A7riii, but I use the a5100 as a backup camera in case I need the 1.5x crop. I also love the size and use it for video when I’m hiking.

Every once in a while I’m in a situation at dawn or dusk when I want to capture video (b-roll) walking through a forest or down a dark path.

My a5100 can capture low light with the sigma 16mm 1.4, but the sensor is still not as good as the A7iii.

There hasn’t been a great vlog camera for low light until the Sony A7c arrived.The A7c is small, video friendly, and can capture low light much better than the a5100 and A7riii.

In my opinion, it’s one of the most versatile cameras on the market, but there are some drawbacks.

Problems with the A7c viewfinder

is the a7c still worth it

I understand that Sony didn’t put a great viewfinder in the A7c, because it’s for vloggers, but for the same price you can buy an EOS R with a flip screen, better viewfinder, and a touch screen.

It’s not like Sony doesn’t have the tech for a better EVF. They have the best EVFs ever made.

Sony marketed this camera for content creators, but sometimes having a larger EVF can be beneficial for video. For example, if it’s bright outside, the monitor on the back is usually not bright enough, so it’s helpful to use an EVF.

Content creators also use the EVF to review their footage and may even use the EVF to compose their footage.

Let’s hope they can put a better EVF in the A7cii.

The A7c is the mini A7siii that never happened

The A7c came out after the A7siii, so I assumed it would have the same flip screen, touch screen, menu system, and I was hoping for 10 bit 4K 60.

I understand not having the 10 bit 4K 60, especially since this camera is less expensive than the A7iii, but you can’t release a new camera with an older menu system.

I’m not an engineer, but how hard is it to upgrade a menu system that already exists? It seems like it would be a simple software update. Please Sony, if you’re reading this, update the menu system to make this camera a reason to upgrade.  

Is it worth the price?

This brings me to my last point, the price.  

The A7c is not worth the listed price. Yes, it does have better eye autofocus and video tracking performance than the A7iii, but it also has a worse EVF, fewer custom buttons, poor IBIS, and lacks a thumbstick.  

I think they should have lowered the price of the a6600 and put this camera in the same price range as the Canon EOS RP, around $1000. At $1000, I’d still be annoyed that the EOS RP had a better EVF and touch screen, but the sensor of the A7c would still make this camera worth it. 


I’m glad that Sony created a small full-frame camera. If you can get past the EVF and old menu system, it’s really a great camera for vlogging, landscape photography, travel, or astrophotography.

The A7c is the perfect vlog camera, but its menu system is old and it doesn’t have an EVF. Despite the flaws, it’s still the best camera I’ve used.

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