What's the best underwater housing for Sony cameras in 2023

What’s the best underwater housing for Sony cameras in 2024

If you’re looking for an underwater housing for your Sony camera, you have lots of options, but I would recommend going with Aquatech, Seafrogs, or Outex.

These are some of the best housings, but they each have pros and cons depending on how you’re using them.

In this article, I’ll share everything you need to know about underwater housings based on how you use them and the pros and cons.

Underwater housings for Sony Pros and Cons

– Well known-brand
– Easy setup
– Durable
– Works with most major brands
– Expensive ($1200-1800)
– Heavy
– Limited compatibility with aps-c

Seafrogs– Inexpensive
– Lightweight
– Easy setup
– Leak alarm
– Access to all buttons
– Durable
– Only Sony, Canon, Fuji, Panasonic
– Setup longer than Aquatech
– Limited warranty
– Less-known brand
Outex– Inexpensive
– Ultralight
– Access to all buttons
– Difficult setup
– Low depth rating
– Less durable (silicone)
– One size fits all
Salty Water– Difficult setup– Expensive ($1200-1800)
– Heavy
Gdome XL– Inexpensive
– Dome port available
– One size fits all
– Fewer lens ports
– Heavy
– Limited access to camera buttons

Ergonomics and size

Aquatech has great grip handles on each side that are the main reason I own one.  They’re just comfortable to hold, but my housing alone weighs 3lbs with the lens port.  When I put my camera and a 85mm prime, I’m already at 6 lbs.


If you go with Seafrogs you’ll pay less than half the price of an Aquatech housing, and Seafrogs allows you to use all your custom buttons.  

With Aquatech, you can get a base housing for $900 but you only have access to the shutter button and it doesn’t come with a lens port.  For $1400 you can get a back plate designed for your camera, but on Sony cameras you can’t even turn the camera on and off. 

Seafrogs housings start at $500 with a housing, lens port, and access to all your camera’s buttons.


Seafrogs make housings for point-and-shoot cameras, aps-c, and full frame.  If you’re looking for an ultralight setup, Seafrogs are the way to go.

Aquatech makes housings for all the major brands but doesn’t include compatibility for many aps-c brands like Sony, Canon, or Nikon. However, they do have one of the best housings for the iPhone – The Axis Go.

You can even mount an axis go housing on your existing housing to live stream or record your experience.

This can also be done on the Seafrogs housing by using an optional GoPro mount.

If prefer a lightweight, less expensive, and more customizable housing, go with Seafrogs. But if you need a housing that is more robust with a better-trusted name behind it, go with Aquatech.

The best underwater housing the rx100 series

If you’re looking for a camera housing for the rx100 series go with Seafrogs. These housings are small, light, and come with all the accessories you’ll need for an underwater housing. 

Seafrogs has multiple dome ports to choose from and you can even add a pistol grip handle. 

The best housing for the a6xxx series

The Sony a6000, a6100, a6300, a6500, and a6600 are all compatible with Seafrogs housings. 

Seafrogs offer the best controls and options for Sony aps-c cameras and they’re affordable. 

Currently, Aquatech doesn’t offer support for the a6xxx series, but they should work with the base housings. 

The best housing for Sony full-frame

The best underwater camera housing for full-frame Sony cameras is the Aquatech edge.  These housing a highly durable with locking clips to ensure you’re camera stays dry and working.  

The reason Aquatech is my number one choice is because of their reliable track history. They’re also the number one choice for pro photographers.

At the beginning, Aquatech had a history of water leaks with their previous clip system, but they’ve almost perfected it with the new Aquatech edge base and edge pro housings.

When it comes to underwater photography, I can’t think of a better housing than Aquatech.

Best budget housing

If you’re on a budget, the best housings to go with are Seafrogs, Outex, or Gdome XL, but my personal preference is Seafrogs.

Seafrogs is a Hong Kong-based company that’s been making underwater housing for quite a while now.  

Their housings are not just affordable, but they’re better than a lot of other housings because of their lightweight design.  Seafrogs are also one of the best housings for manual controls.

Most underwater housings offer some manual controls, but Seafrogs allows you to use every button and switch on your camera.  

They also have a lot of great accessories, lens ports, underwater domes, and mostly designed to work with Sony camera bodies.

Surf and wave photography

For surf and wave photography, your best option is to use a sturdy housing that can withstand harsh conditions. That’s why I recommend using Aquatech or Seafrogs

Aquatech has the best design and ergonomics but their housings are much heavier and more expensive than Seafrogs. 

The best housing for underwater photography 

Any camera housing with a dome port will be great for underwater photography, but you may want a housing that can tolerate a greater depth. 

If I could only go with one housing setup for underwater photography, I would choose Aquatech. 

Aquatech housings are heavy, but underwater you won’t feel the weight. They also have some of the best handles and a huge variety of dome and lens ports. 

They also work great with older DSLRs. 

For security, some prefer the mounted back plates but I prefer a housing with clips or clamps. These housings save time when setting up your camera. 

If I was on a budget, I’d go with Seafrogs. These housings systems are solid and have an alarm if water is detected. 

Best housing for the rain, beach, or boating

If you’re mostly above water, but need a housing to protect your camera from the elements, go with a light housing like Outex

Outex makes the lightest waterproof housings and allows access to all your camera controls due to their silicone material. 

They’re also great housings for underwater but at a limited depth of 3 meters. 

The only con of using an Outex housing is the setup. It can take longer to set up these housings and to be honest, I would be worried about water leaking, because the seal isn’t as straightforward as other housing systems. 

But if you’re mostly above water, Outex is a simple low cost solution. 

Avoiding water spots on dome and flat ports

The best way to minimize water spots is with the proper coating. That usually means using saliva or candle wax but it depends on the type of port. If you’re purchasing a new underwater housing, check out my other article here on how to eliminate water spots on a flat port, dome port, and GoPro.


For most people, the Seafrogs housings are probably the best option. The size, weight, and price or make it a compelling housing for anyone doing surf or underwater photography.

For professionals, Aquatech is the housing of choice. They’re top notch and the quality is unmatched by their competitors.

Outex housings are also great depending on your needs. If you just need to keep your camera dry at the beach, this isn’t a bad choice.

I hope this article was helpful. Be sure to check out my youtube channel and subscribe below to get the latest news and updates.