The best ZV-1

Which Sony ZV-1 is right for you? (ZV-1, ZV-1 ii, or ZV-1F)

Currently, there are three Sony ZV-1 cameras. The ZV-1, ZV-1 ii, and the ZV-1F.

All three of these cameras are aimed at content creators, but they all have pros and cons.

Most people who are doing vlogging will benefit the most from the ZV-1 ii, but if not, the ZV-1 still seems to be the clear winner.

Comparing the Sony ZV-1, ZV-1 ii and ZV-1F

The main difference between these cameras is the focal length. The Sony ZV-1 and ZV-1 ii are the most similar but the biggest change with the ZV-1 ii is focal length and aperture. The Sony ZV-1 has a focal length of 24mm while the ZV-1 ii has a focal length of 18mm.

That’s huge if you need to vlog, but if not, you probably don’t need all the features of the ZV-1 ii. The problem with the ZV-1 is the variable aperture. It’s not a problem at 18mm, but once you zoom in you’ll lose bokeh and light.

I think the ZV-1F is the oddest of these three. It’s a compact vlog camera that doesn’t have great stabilization. Now this camera is fine if you have a gimbal and you mostly vlog, but it has a poor rolling shutter. It’s my least favorite out of the three unless you have a specific purpose for it.

Below I’ve made a table comparing the three cameras to help you have a better understanding of the basic technical specifications of all these cameras.

SpecificationSony ZV-1Sony ZV-1 iiSony ZV-F
Announcement Date05/26/202005/23/202310/13/2022
Sensor Type1″-Type CMOS1″ stacked CMOS sensor1″-Type CMOS
Sensor Resolution20.1 MP20.1 MP20.1 MP
Sensor Size13.2 x 8.8mm (1″)13.2 x 8.8mm (1″)13.2 x 8.8mm (1″)
Native ISO Range125-12,800125-12,800125-12,800
Image ProcessorBionz XBionz XBionz X
Phase Detection AutofocusYesYesYes
Phase Detection Autofocus Points315 AF Points315 AF Points315 AF Points
Focal Length in 35mm Equiv24-70mm20mm 1.8 Fixed24-200mm
Lens Aperturef/1.8-f/2.8f/1.8-4f/1.8
Optical Image StabilizationYesYes (enhanced)Yes
Integrated ND FilterYesYesYes
Maximum Shutter Speed1/32000 sec1/32000 sec1/32000 sec
Startup Time2.0 sec2.0 sec2.0 sec
Product showcaseYesYesProduct Showcase
Auto ISO Min Shutter SpeedYesYesYes
Flash Hotshoe with interface shoeYesYesYes
Built-in FlashNoNoNo
LCD Screen3.0″ Flip3.0″ Flip3.0″ Flip
LCD TouchscreenYesYes (More advancedYes
Video Recording4K, up to 30 fps4K, up to 30 fps4K, up to 30 fps
Slow Motion Video Duration8 sec8 sec8 sec
Built-in IntervalometerNoNoNo
Built-in WiFiYesYesYes
Headphone portNoNoNo
Microphone PortYesYesYes
USB2.0, ChargingUSB-C, 2.0, ChargingUSB-C, 2.0, Charging
Battery Life (CIPA)260 shots260 shots260 shots
Cinematic vlog modeNoNo Yes
Price (as of 06/1/2023$698$898$498

Sony ZV-1 Pros and Cons


  • 24-70mm focal length
  • 1.8-2.8 aperture


  • Not for vlogging
  • Less AI features as Mark ii

Sony ZV-1 ii Pros and Cons


  • Better for vlogging
  • AI features


  • Expensive
  • Small aperture

Sony ZV-1F


  • Good for vlogging
  • Maximum aperture of 1.8
  • Inexpensive


  • Fixed focal length (20mm)
  • Poor stabilization.

What’s the difference between the ZV-1 and ZV-1F

The ZV-1F is only better because it has a wider focal length of 20mm, so it’s better for vlogging. With that said, the stabilization on the ZV-1F is not great, so I recommend using a smaller gimbal like the Crane M3.

If you’re filming yourself from further away, most content creators prefer a closer lens like 24-35mm. I personally prefer 35mm and only shoot at 20mm for vlogging.

You can still do vlogging with the Sony ZV-1, you just need a longer tripod like the mantispod in the extended mode.

What camera is best for most people

The two best cameras from this list are the Sony ZV-1 and the ZV-1 ii. If you don’t need to vlog and you don’t need the newest features, the Sony ZV-1 is the best camera for most people. It has a closer zoom range, a better minimum aperture to increase bokeh, and it’s much more affordable than ZV-1 ii.

I have a tendency to vlog on my iPhone, so that’s why the ZV-1 still sticks out to me. It’s just a great camera for filmmaking and shooting B-roll.

However, the ZV-1 ii has a stacked sensor and real-time AF which makes it a better photography camera for sports or action. It’s also a better camera if you need a better camera for vlogging and it has a little better image stabilization.


I hope this helped you have a better idea of what camera will work best for you. If you’re a vlogger, go for the ZV-1 ii. If you don’t need the vlog features, get the ZV-1. And if you love 20mm and don’t need to zoom in, get the ZV-1F.

There are a lot of great features moving to a 1″ sensor, and any of these cameras will do a great job for content creators, but I still personally think the ZV-1 is best for my situation.