What's the best Sony Camera in 2023

What’s the best hybrid camera in 2024

Finding a good hybrid camera is becoming more and more difficult with all the options available between Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, and Lumix.

So what is the best camera for hybrid shooters? Without a doubt, it’s the Sony A7RV, but that camera is not the best for most people. 

What’s the best beginner-level camera hybrid shooters?

The best beginner camera for most people is the Sony a6100 or a6700, but I prefer the a6100 because of the viewfinder and the price.

When people ask me what camera I recommend, I always go for the a6100 because it’s an excellent hybrid camera for both photo and video.

With this camera, you can really be a professional photographer who does weddings, events, portraits, sports, landscapes, astrophotography, wildlife, and social media like youtube, tictok, and instagram.

It’s small, affordable, and has a great selection of APS-C lenses by Sony and off-brands like Tamron and Samyang

It’s probably the most afforadable with off-brand lenses like Samyang.

One of the best features of this camera is autofocus. The a6100 is the first affordable camera to offer eye autofocus, and for most photographers, that makes this camera an incredible tool.

The a6100 is also a great camera for most people, because of the video features. Unlike other cameras in this price range, the a6100 has unlimited recording, 4k 8bit, great color science, a flip-up screen, and great autofocus.

Now what camera should you buy if you’re not a professional but you’re also not a beginner? 

Sony doesn’t have a great selection in the $1000 range, but I recommend using a full-frame camera like the Sony A7iii. Yes, it’s slightly more than $1000, but it’s worth it, and you can probably buy one for around $1000 used. 

The Sony A7iii is a camera that competes well with the latest cameras today. The extra bump in price is worth it for full-frame because you get access to a better lens selection, and if you decide to upgrade you won’t have to buy different lenses.

The a6100 is also a great camera for content creators, but if you don’t need the viewfinder, I would recommend the Sony ZV-E10 or a6700.

Alternative hybrid cameras for beginners

Here are some alternatives you might consider.

Camera ModelSensor TypeMegapixelsPrice Range (USD)
Sony a6100APS-C24.2$700-$800
Sony a6700APS-C26$1200
Fujifilm X-T200APS-C24.2$500-$600
Canon EOS M50 Mark IIAPS-C24.1$600
Canon R50Micro Four Thirds20.3$800

What’s the best camera for under $1500?

If you looking for a cheaper camera I would recommend the Sony A7iii or A7C. They’re practically the same camera, but the A7C is like a mini version with slightly worse stabilization and better video autofocus.

I’m obsessed with the Sony A7C and it’s why I sold my A7iii. I’ve used it for weddings, astrophotography, and youtube.

For the price, I still think it’s one of the best cameras for most people if you can afford the slightly higher price.

The best camera for professionals

Sony A7RV

In my opinion, the best camera for professionals is the Sony A7IV. It’s not the best of the best like the Sony A1, but it pretty much does everything as these high-end cameras but has slightly slower autofocus.

Compared to the Sony A1 and A9, the Sony A7iv only lacks in FPS and autofocus speed and accuracy, but it’s no slouch.

Best camera for video-focused hybrid shooters

If you’re stricktly focused on video I would get the Sony ZV-E1. There are a lot of other great options out there, but if you’re primarily on the go, outdoors, filming in your car, or at dawn or dusk the ZV-E1 is my top choice.

If you’re curious about the best lens selection for the ZV-E1 for video check out my other page here.

The ZV-E1 blows me away for what you get. It’s also ultra-compact and has a great sensor for low-light situations. I prefer this camera over the Sony FX-3 because of the weight, price, and gimbal-like performance. 

Most filmmakers need the ability to travel light and shoot in dark environments, and because this camera has great stabilization, you don’t even need to lug around that heavy gimbal. 

In some situations, I understand why the FX-3 shines, especially if you must have a viewfinder and unlimited recording, but for everyone else, the Sony ZV-E1 is near perfect. 

The best Sony alternatives for hybrid shooters

You might also consider these alternatives.

Camera ModelSensor TypeMegapixelsPrice Range (USD)
Sony Alpha a7S IIIFull Frame12.1$3,500
Lumix S5iiFull Frame20.3$2000
Canon EOS R6Full Frame20$2000
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6KSuper 356$2,000-$2,500
Fujifilm X-T5APS-C26.1$1,700


What’s the best hybrid camera? Most beginners should go for the Sony a6100 or a7iii.  If you’re a professional, I prefer the Sony A7IV.  It’s perfect for both photo and video, and it’s affordable.

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