The best gimbals listed by weight for mirrorless and DSLRs

The best gimbals listed by weight for mirrorless and DSLRs

After browsing the internet and YouTube for a list of lightweight gimbals I couldn’t find a good comparison chart, so I thought I’d make a list for anyone interested.

There still isn’t a perfect gimbal, but gimbals today have come a long way. What are the most important features of a gimbal? For me, it’s weight and stabilization. It would also be nice if it had good ergonomics and communicated well with my camera.

With that in mind, the best lightweight gimbal is the DJI RSC3 Mini. It’s light, has a good payload, and you can start recording wireless, but it is missing a few features from some other cameras.

The best gimbals listed by weight

Listed below is a table with all the best lightweight gimbals. If I didn’t list a lighter gimbal, it’s because it probably isn’t worth buying.

GimbalBattery LifeCostMax PayloadWeight
Zhiyun Crane M38 hrs$3694.8 lbs2.2 lbs
Zhiyun Crane M2s10.5 hrs$2692.21.2 lbs
Zhiyun Crane M28 hrs$1991.58 lbs1.1 lbs (500 grams)
Feiyu tech G6 Max11 hrs$2292.6 lbs1.46 lbs
RS3 Mini10 hrs$3694.4 lbs1.9 lbs
Moza Aircross 312 hrs$1994 lbs2 lbs
Zhiyun Weebill s14 hrs$3396.612.04
Moza Aircross 212 hrs$3997.05 lbs2.09 lbs
DJI SC11 hrs$3294.4 lbs2.4 lbs
DJI RSC 214 hrs$4496.6 lbs2.681 lbs
DJI RS 214 hrs$75910 lbs2.86 lbs
DJI RS3 Pro 12 hrs$8699.9 lbs2.5 lbs
DJI RS3 12$7196.6 lbs2.2 lbs
Weebill 29 hours$3997.3 lbs3.15 lbs
Listed by weight

What’s the lightest gimbal

Currently, the lightest gimbal is the Crane M2, but the Crane M2s is about the same weight and can support a much better payload (half pound). Both these gimbals are for small aps-c cameras, but they don’t really support full-frame unless you’re using a lightweight lens.

The price of these smaller gimbals is also quite expensive compared to the much better Weebill S and DJI RSC 2. The weight of the Weebill S is about a pound heavier than the Crane M2s and it’s so much better in every way.

If you need to stay light and want a full-frame camera, the Weebill S is the gimbal you should choose. If you can also get it used for about the same price as the Crane M2.

I personally recommend the DJI RSC 3 mini. If you can tolerate another half pound and the cost, it’s the best gimbal for the price and weight.

The best lightweight gimbal for most people

The best lightweight gimbal for most people is the RS3 mini. It’s light, has good ergonomics, it can connect wireless to your camera via bluetooth, and has a 4lb payload.

It doesn’t have a suitcase handle but you can add this one to your setup and get similar features as the RS3, but it will cost you some added weight.

The best gimbals with ergonomics in mind

As an Occupational Therapist with a certification in ergonomics, I tend to buy things that incorporate ergonomics and posture. When using gimbals the best power position is holding the gimbal close to you with your elbows at 90 degrees.

When using the gimbal below the waist you can squat, but if you’re going to be filming for long periods of time you will want a suitcase handle.

Some of the photos on Amazon of the Ronin SC make me cringe when I see the cameraman bending forward to get the shot. If you plan on filming professionally for a long time it’s just better to save your back and get a gimbal with a suitcase handle.

In my opinion, these are the best gimbals with a suitcase handle previously mentioned.

  1. Zhiyun Weebill 2
  2. Zhiyun Weebill s
  3. DJI RSC 2
  4. DJI RS 2


In my opinion, the best gimbal is still not available. Gimbals are still not light enough. Currently, my favorite gimbal is the DJI RS3 mini because of the weight, but it doesn’t have a suitcase handle and it doesn’t have the autolocking features of the RS3.

You should also consider using a top handle for your camera. It’s a good alternative because it’s light, and you don’t have to balance anything. And if you use a Sony camera you can fix most of the shaky footage in post with catalyst browse. It’s still not a gimbal, but it’s a good workaround.

To learn about the lightest camera and lenses read my other page here.

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