The best Sony Camera in 2024 for amateurs and pros

Sony made some incredible cameras in 2023 and 2024. This is the first year where stabilization is almost as good as a gimbal, and it’s about time!

Recently, I’ve found that a lot of creators on YouTube are upset with Sony for pumping out so many cameras.

Yes, Sony is now the bestselling camera company next to Canon, but who really cares? Sure, they’re selling out, but I’m sticking with Sony because I think they’re the best. It’s the same reason I continue to use an iPhone. 

Ok. Moving on.

What is the best Sony Camera in 2023? Without a doubt, it’s the Sony A7RV, but that camera is not the best for most people.

What’s the best beginner-level camera for most people?

The best Sony camera for most people is the a6100. All you really need for that camera is a good lens and tripod. When people ask me what camera I recommend, I always tell them to get the a6100.

Canon really makes some great cameras, and that’s why you might also consider these alternatives.

Sony a6100 $748
Sony a6400$839
Canon RP$999
Canon R10$879
Best cameras for beginners

With the a6100, you can really be a professional photographer who does weddings, events, portraits, sports, landscapes, astrophotography, wildlife, and more.

The a6100 is small, affordable, and now has a great selection of APS-C lenses by Sony and off-brands like Tamron and Samyang. 

One of the best features of this camera is autofocus. The a6100 is the first affordable camera to offer eye autofocus, and for most photographers, that makes this camera an incredible tool.

The a6100 is also a great camera for most people, because of the video features. Unlike other cameras in this price range, the a6100 has unlimited recording, 4k 8bit, great color science, a flip-up screen, and great autofocus.

It’s not the best for stabilization, and that’s why you should consider a lightweight gimbal.

A great alternative is the a6700 or Canon R10. These cameras are a little more expensive, but they have much better autofocus for photos and videos. They also have more custom buttons, a better grip, and animal autofocus which makes this a much better camera for sports and wildlife.

Now what camera should you buy if you’re not a professional but you’re also not a beginner? 

The best mid-level camera for content creators

The best camera for content creators is the Sony ZV-E10 because of it’s impressive eye autofocus for video and flip out screen.

Here is a short list of the best beginner cameras for content creators.

Sony a6100 APS-C14 oz$748
Sony ZV-E10APS-C12.8 oz$698
Sony a6700APS-C$1200
Sony A7iiiFull Frame1.4$1498
Sony ZV-E1Full Frame1.1. lbs$2198
Sony FX-30APS-C1.4 lbs$1798

The a6100 is a great camera for content creators, but if you don’t need the viewfinder, I would recommend the Sony ZV-E10. 

The ZV-E10 is actually lighter and less expensive. It has better autofocus for video, a better internal microphone and it has a 3.5mm audio input. I personally still prefer the a6100 because it has a viewfinder, and that helps with both photo and video on those sunny days.

Sony Zv-e10
Sony ZV-E10

What’s the best camera for $1000?

Sony doesn’t have a great selection in the $1000 range, but I would recommend going with a full-frame camera like the Sony A7iii. Yes, it’s slightly more than $1000, but it’s worth it, and you can probably buy one for around $1000 used. 

The Sony A7iii is a camera that competes well with the latest cameras today. The extra bump in price is worth it for full-frame sensors because you get access to a better lens selection, and if you decide to upgrade you won’t have to buy different lenses.

The best camera for filmmakers on the go

Best camera for content creators

The best camera for YouTube, content creators, documentary style, and filmmakers is the Sony ZV-E1. There are a lot of other great options out there, but if you’re primarily on the go, outdoors, filming in your car, or at dawn or dusk the ZV-E1 is my top choice.

The ZV-E1 blows me away for what you get. It’s also ultra-compact and has a great sensor for low-light situations. I prefer this camera over the Sony FX-3 because of the weight, price, and gimbal-like performance. 

Sony Zv-e1
Sony Zv-e1

Most filmmakers need the ability to travel light and shoot in dark environments, and because this camera has great stabilization, you don’t even need to lug around that heavy gimbal. 

In some situations, I understand why the FX-3 shines, especially if you must have a viewfinder and unlimited recording, but for everyone else, the ZV-E1 is near perfect. 

Best Lenses for the ZV-E1

The best lens for the ZV-E1 is the Sony 16-35mm f4. It’s small, lightweight, and perfect for vlogging and YouTube. You might also consider the more affordable Tamron 17-28mm 2.8.

I actually wrote another article all about lenses for the ZV-E1 and how you might consider using APS-C lenses for it.

The Best Camera for Pros

The best sony camera for professionals.jpg

The best camera for professional photographers is the Sony A1. This camera is the best because of its speed, accuracy, megapixel count, customizability, and video output.

If you need a camera that can do everything at the highest performance this is the camera to get.

The best budget camera for pros

Most people can’t afford the Sony A1 and that’s why you may want to consider the Sony A7RV. In some ways, this camera is better than the A9. It has more megapixels, a faster chip, ai features for autofocus, and a better flip screen.

If I was shooting professional work, I would choose the A7RV over the A1, because of all the high-end tech that comes with this camera. It doesn’t have a stacked sensor like the A1 and A9, but it’s very similar in performance.

Why it’s so hard to decide on the best camera?

In recent years, it has become more difficult to decide on the perfect Sony camera, and I’m not sure if that’s intentional. 

If you need an affordable camera, you can choose from Sony’s APS-C lineup, but none of the lenses will truly work with full frame. If you want a great camera for portraits, every single camera has eye autofocus, so why would you choose the flagship A1?

If you primarily shoot landscapes, you can get the A7RV and get about the same quality as the 15-year-old Sony A7rii. 

Honestly, Sony has made small iterations around their camera lineup, but most of them do about the same thing.  When it comes to buying a more expensive camera, you’re really paying for speed and accuracy, and that’s really best for sports photographers. 

So if you’re a wedding photographer, do you need the fastest Sony cameras like the Sony A9 or A1? You actually can get some great results with the Sony a6100 or A7iii, but if you want to nail near-perfect focus every time, you go for the best of the best. 

But once you’re paying more, you most likely won’t want off-brand lenses, and when you’re paying a lot for camera equipment you may not take it with you everywhere.

You’ll be more likely to take a camera with you that’s more affordable and disposable, and that’s why I think the a6100 and A7iii really stand out. 

For the price and value, I think they’re the best cameras for most people. I personally shoot with the Sony A7IV, and it’s a little more expensive, but it carries most of the features of the best high-end cameras on the market.


What’s the best camera for Sony? As you have read, it’s a bit complicated, but I think most beginners should go for the Sony a6100 or a7iii.  If you’re a professional, the Sony A9ii or A1 are your best options, but I prefer the midrange, and to me that’s the Sony A7IV.  You might miss a few more than the A9, but you’ll enjoy the same dynamic range, stabilization, and similar video features found in the A1 and FX-3.

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